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What Kind of Mug Is Better?

When talking about drinking water, we have to talk about the most frequently used object in our daily life, that is, the cup. The most common cup is the mug.

There are pure porcelain, glazed porcelain, glass, plastic and stainless-steel mugs. Among them, glazed porcelain and glass mugs have the best texture and are also the most popular. At the same time, because mugs of these two materials are usually with an elegant style, they are generally regarded as gifts. Students prefer plastic and stainless mugs because they are more affordable and difficult to damage.

How to Choose A Mug

Regardless of its material and price, when we choose something, we always want to pick something that we like and with better quality. The selection of mugs is the same.

1. Material

If we hope that the cup is not easy to break or the budget is relatively low, we can firstly choose plastic and steel mugs, and now there will be gum mugs. If the budget is sufficient and you want the cup to have a better quality, then porcelain and glass mug can satisfy this requirement. But if you want a more beautiful cup, you can consider a mug made of natural ore as if you have sufficient budget. But if you pursue personality, you can choose custom mugs such as custom metal mugs and personalized stainless-steel travel mugs.

2. Appearance

If a mug is already satisfactory in terms of material, it is necessary to look at the appearance of the selected mug again, such as whether its body is intact because a damaged mug is naturally not easy to use, and whether its handle of stainless-steel mug with handle and the lid of steel mug with lid are upright, crooked or twisted or with small cracks. The last is whether the cup is symmetrical.

3. Quality

To judge the quality of a mug, we can knock it first. A good-quality stainless-steel coffee mug has a crisp sound. If the sound is not clear and crisp, we can judge that the mug is made of mixed materials. And some of the details of the cup also require us to carefully observe. This is also the key to the quality of the mug, such as the stability of the bottom of the cup, the roundness of the cup, and the integrity of the cup.

Precautions for the Use of Mugs

After choosing the suitable mugs, there are also some things to notice about the use of mugs.

The first is that the mug should be placed in a stable place, not in places where the mug is easy to fall. Of course, about plastic mugs and stainless-steel coffee mug with lid, we don't have to worry about breaking. But if it is filled with water or drinks, and it falls and spills on the floor or the table, it is still very troublesome to clean up.

Secondly, after drinking tea, milk, and beverages, stainless-steel mug with lid must be cleaned in time. The tea is easy to form a layer of brown tea stain. Many people think that the tea stain affects the beauty of the cup. And if the milk is left in the cup, there will be an unpleasant smell after a long time. And beverages, especially those with bright colors and high sugar content, will make the inside of the cup sticky and become difficult to clean after a period of time.

A mug which we like can not only make us want to drink more water every day, but also enrich our life and improve our happiness in life. So, let’s choose a beautiful and good-quality mugs and enjoy our life.