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Do You Carry a Water Bottle before Going to Gym?

With the improvement of people’s living standard, more and more people begin to realize the importance of fitness. They often go to gym to do all kinds of exercises in order to build up their body. Here we will suggest that you had better to carry a drink bottle with you before you go to gym. We know that people often sweat a lot when doing exercises, and it is convenient to replenish water at any time with a steel water bottle. Maybe someone will ask “ Is it good to drink water during exercise?” Now we will tell you some knowledge about drinking water during exercise.

How to replenish water before exercise?

According to the suggestion of experts, drinking about 500 milliliters of water at 2 hours before exercise, it can improve the body’s function and reduce the heart rate during exercise. At the same time, it can give the kidneys sufficient time for metabolism, and adjust the body fluid balance and osmotic pressure to the best state. So the body will have enough time to get the excessive water. Especially before people run, it is important to replenish some water. Many people often ignore the water supplement before running, and even they have a wrong thought that drinking water before running will cause stomach cramps. In fact, it is good for people to drink a small amount of water at one hour before running. When people feel thirsty, the body has lost about 3% of weight by sweating. And it will take 48 hours to replenish the amount of fluid lost. After you read it, you know the importance of bringing a metal water bottle or insulated drink bottle.


Can I drink water during exercise?

During exercise, you need to replenish water reasonably. But you should control yourself. Otherwise, your body will be overwhelmed. When you sweat a lot during exercise, it will affect your health if replenishing water wrongly. You should drink light salt water during exercise, because light salt water can replenish the lost ions in time to prevent uncomfortable reactions. You had better to control the water temperature at 15 degrees Celsius to 22 degrees Celsius. And you must drink in small sips. It is necessary to buy one double wall bottle, which can keep the water warm.


How to replenish water after exercise?

Usually people will sweat a lot and breathe faster after exercise, which will make the mouth and throat feel dry and thirsty. Especially after strenuous exercise, this feeling is more obvious. At this time, people really want to drink some water and refreshing drinks, but they cannot drink water immediately after strenuous exercise, otherwise, it will cause serious consequences. Of course, people should replenish water after exercise due to sweat a lot, but the amount of water should be controlled below 300ml. The best way is that people should drink little water every time for many times a day, for example, taking a stainless drink bottle and replenish water every 5 minutes to 10 minutes.