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Do you know how to choose outdoor water bags and water bottles?

When hiking outdoors, drinking water is a very important thing, especially in the hot summer. When climbing, the demand for drinking water will be greater and important. Insufficient drinking water has an impact on both physiology and psychology; water management is very important in outdoor activities, and water bottles or water bags are also essential items for everyone on the traveller. Are you using a lightweight travel water bottle, stainless steel insulated water bottle, or a personalized stainless steel tumbler?

Types of outdoor sports water bottles

1. Plastic material and metal sports water bottle

Generally speaking, water bottles can be divided into: plastic materials and metal materials. There are many kinds of plastic materials, but this kind of plastic is not recommended for repeated use because it may dissolve toxic substances. You will also drink some hot water when hiking and climbing. If you use heat-labile materials for hot water, it is easy to produce toxic substances. In severe cases, it may cause cancer.

In addition, there are metal water bottles, such as stainless steel water bottles. This type of water bottle will not release toxic substances due to heat. However, when the metal water bottle is filled with hot water, it is easy to burn your hands or mouth. Pay special attention, and vacuum insulated water bottle are much heavier than plastic water bottles.

2. The bottle mouth is wide and narrow

Most water bottle mouths are divided into two types: wide mouth and narrow mouth. In terms of use, when drinking water with a stainless steel insulated tumbler, you often accidentally pour too much water out of the mouth and cause water to overflow your mouth. If you use a small opening, although it’s less likely to leak out when drinking water, it’s not easy to pour it in when you want to pour water in, and you often pour water out of the bottle

In terms of cleaning, large wide-mouth kettles are easy to clean, but small wide-mouthed bottles are not easy to clean. At present, the mouth of some water bottles is designed with a large opening and a small opening, so that the above problems can be solved. The outdoor sports water bottle is designed with a large mouth and a small mouth, which is convenient for filling, drinking, and cleaning.

Types of water bags

1. Without straw and with straw

If the water bag does not have a straw and nozzle design, it can only be used purely as a container for water. If it is a water bag with a straw and mouthpiece, it will be transformed into a large-capacity container, which can facilitate the drinking water bag. A water bag with a straw and mouthpiece can be taken without hands. Open the water lock valve to easily drink water at any time. If you are a person who needs to drink at any time while traveling, using a water bag is more convenient than a water bottle.

2. Water bag backpack and mobile water bag

If the water bag is placed in a backpack to absorb water conveniently, the backpack needs to be specially designed, such as a dedicated compartment for the water bag and the outlet of the water pipe. Some backpacks are originally designed to hold a water bag, which is called a water bag, except in the backpack. There is a straw latch on it, which can effectively fix the position of the straw. It also has a quick-release design to quickly take out the water bag and facilitate cleaning. The backpack can be used as a general daily backpack and can be used at ordinary times. The water bag can also be used separately.

All in all, water bottles or water bags are indispensable equipment for people who participate in outdoor sports. Hurry up and take a look at your water bottle or water bag.