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What Are The Common Coffee Cups?

For young people in modern society, coffee is a must-have item, because it is inevitable to work overtime and stay up late. So have you seriously considered the following question: If you want to drink coffee, should you use the necessary coffee cup or your own original water cup? In fact, in my personal opinion, I am not so particular about it. If the waiter at the coffee shop brings you a cup of coffee, you can just drink it directly. If you don't have so much sense of form in your own home, clean cups are clean. If you are a person with a sense of ritual, then a simple modern coffee mug or a double wall stainless steel coffee mug with lid will meet your needs.

Some people drink coffee to refresh themselves when they are drowsy, some people even drink coffee just to quench their thirst. Tea has a tea ceremony, and of course drinking coffee also has coffee etiquette. Let's talk about the secrets of coffee cups below.

The Material of The Coffee Cup

The coffee cups we usually use are fired with negative ion powder, tourmaline, high-quality clay and other basic materials. Coffee cups can release a high concentration of negative ions, which will have an electrolyte effect on water and produce negatively charged hydroxide ions, which makes the macromolecular clusters in the water smaller and enhances the water's solubility and penetration. Therefore, coffee cups are different from ordinary cups. Coffee cups have won the respect of many coffee lovers because of their materials, so several coffee cups derived on the market include vacuum sealed coffee mug, stainless coffee cup and stainless steel insulated coffee mug.

Size of Coffee Cup

Some people say that the strength of a cup of coffee can be judged from the size of the coffee cup. In order to maintain the mellow aroma of coffee and slow down the temperature drop, coffee cups are generally thicker.

According to the size, coffee cups can be divided into three types.

Small coffee cups under 100ml. It is mostly used to hold strong piping hot Italian espresso or single-origin coffee. If you want to serve espresso, pour about 50 ml each time, which is half a cup, and you can drink it almost in one sip. But the warm and rich feeling lasted for a long time.

A medium cup of about 200 ml. This is the most common coffee cup. Normal fancy coffee can be used as long as it is not particularly complicated, the size is just right, so you have enough space for milk and sugar.

A large cup of more than 300 ml. For coffee with a lot of milk, like latte or mocha, use a mug or a large stainless steel coffee tumbler. On the one hand, it is enjoyable while drinking, on the other hand, there is also enough space for the milk carton to mix well and exude an alluring fragrance.

In fact, you can also carry the stainless steel tumbler cups filled with coffee or your favorite stainless steel insulated coffee mug with lid when you are on a business trip, so that you can smell the rich aroma of coffee even when you are not sitting and enjoying your leisure time.

The correct way to hold a coffee cup is to pinch the handle of the stainless steel mug with handle with your thumb and index finger and then lift the cup. Choosing a coffee cup can choose some exquisite ceramic coffee cups, which will also bring you a good mood.

In short, a good coffee cup can enhance the unique experience of drinking coffee. A good coffee cup not only needs to have a good function of preserving coffee taste, but also needs to have a beautiful and simple shape. Generally, simple and individual creative ceramic coffee cups and insulated coffee cups with handle are also popular.