Dec . 202028

How To Choose A High-Quality Thermos Cup?

How to choose a high-quality thermos cup? Many friends around me will ask me this question, because they want to give a friend thermos cup, the price is not the biggest, as long as it looks better. In fact, the method is very simple. First look at the appearance, then look at the mouth of the cup, then look at the quality of the accessories, and the thermal insulation performance after the test. As long as these operations are met, the quality of the thermal insulation cup you buy will not be bad. Through my years of work experience in the thermos cup factory, I have summed up a set of methods for purchasing high-quality thermos cups:

Observation of appearance: Observe whether the polishing on the surface of the inner tank and the outer tank is uniform and whether there are defects such as bumps and scratches. If you are not satisfied, do not buy;

Look at the mouth of the cup: whether the welding is smooth and consistent when drinking water, whether it feels comfortable, whether there are burrs, if it is not smooth or has burrs, do not buy it;

Look at the quality of accessories: accessories mainly depend on the quality of plastic products. Poor quality of plastic products will not only affect the service life, but also affect the hygiene of drinking water;

Thermal insulation test: The thermal insulation performance test mainly depends on whether the internal seal is tight. Are the screws and the screws of the cup body correct. Whether the precession and rotation are free, and whether there is water leakage. Pour a glass of water for four to five minutes, or give it a few vigorous shakes to confirm a leak. Generally speaking, it is impossible to check according to the standard when selecting, but you can check it after filling the hot water by feeling. After two minutes of filling the uninsulated cup with hot water, the lower part of the cup will heat up, while the lower part of the thermos is always cool. of.

I believe that everyone has the answer to choosing a suitable vacuum flask.