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How to Choose A Coffee Cup?

Tasting coffee is not just the life of a petty bourgeoisie. Many people choose to go to a coffee shop for a cup of coffee, or make coffee at home. Coffee consumed after a meal is usually served in a pocket-sized cup. The ears of this cup are small, and the fingers cannot be worn out. But even if you use a larger cup, do not put your fingers through the ears of the cup before holding the cup.

The flavor of the coffee will even change with the cup. For some time, a porcelain cup was necessary to drink coffee, but recently, the choice of cups has become more and more free, and more people choose pottery, glass, and stainless steel coffee mug. We have to choose the material of the coffee cup carefully, because the coffee time will be more enjoyable.

3 Points for Choosing A Coffee Cup

First of all, starting from the basics, how do we choose high-quality coffee cups? Drinking the same coffee, you will feel different sourness and bitterness due to the shape and texture of the coffee cup.

1. The color of the inside. Vision has a great influence on taste perception. If you choose a ceramic coffee cup or a cup with a color inside, it is difficult to distinguish the color during extraction, and the judgment of the intensity is easily distorted. If you want to enjoy the amber color of coffee while drinking, it is recommended to choose a coffee cup with a white inside. This also applies to stainless steel espresso cups.

2. The width of the cup body. In the structure of the human tongue, the tip of the tongue feels sweetness, while the side and the base of the tongue taste sourness and bitterness respectively. The cup with an open body can fill the mouth when the coffee is in the mouth, especially suitable for coffee with obvious sour taste. On the other hand, a long and slender coffee cup will make the coffee rush directly to the throat, making it easy to feel bitter.

3. The thickness of the cup rim. The thinner the edge of the coffee cup is, the less it will interfere with the taste of the coffee entrance. Some people say that thicker coffee cups will make people notice the texture of the cup in your hand, and are not suitable for tasting coffee, but many people actually prefer coffee cups with a touch. In fact, double wall stainless steel coffee mug with lid is one of the choices of many people.

Various Types of Professional Coffee Cups

Professional coffee cups can bring out the flavor of coffee. Because there are many kinds of coffee cups, each has its own meticulous function. Only a few representative coffee cups are introduced here.

1. A latte cup is a bowl-shaped coffee cup. It was born in France as a coffee cup used to dip bread into a latte. Recently, more and more shops choose it.

2. Standard coffee cup. Common coffee cups are not only suitable for black coffee, but also suitable for serving latte or cappuccino.

3. The mug is a very common and easy-to-use big mug whether it is at home or in the office, no matter what it is used for drinking. The cylindrical cup is most helpful when you want to taste the bitterness of coffee. In fact, you can choose steel coffee mug or stainless steel mug with lid for coffee.

4. Breakfast cup. It is a circle larger than a standard cup, and it is suitable whether you want to drink a lighter American coffee or a larger latte.

5. The special cup for espresso is the most suitable cup when you want a strong taste of espresso.

6. Double espresso cups. The size of the cup is between the demi and standard cups, and is dedicated to double espresso. Those who have an espresso machine at home are suitable to own such a cup.

7. Single product coffee cup. In general, single-origin coffee is still commonly used in porcelain cups, which interpret the delicate aroma of coffee. Among them, bone china made of high-grade china clay and mixed with animal bone meal has light texture, soft color and high heat preservation, which can best retain the warm memory of coffee.

8. Glass coffee cups are suitable for presenting coffee art.

In addition, when going out, maybe we can also carry stainless steel tumblers with lids, thermos mug with handle or stainless steel reusable coffee cups.

If you intentionally store coffee in an environment close to a constant temperature for a long time, such as a stainless steel insulated coffee mug, it will affect the taste of the coffee and make it more bitter to drink. At the same time, if the stainless steel insulated cup is not cleaned immediately after drinking the coffee, it will accumulate into dirt afterwards, making the cup more difficult to clean.