Sep . 201924

How Can I Drink More Water?

It is difficult to drink enough water every day, but with the help of some tips, it is also easy to drink enough water with your vacuum flask water bottle every day. Here are 11 tips to help you drink more water:

1. Have some water before dinner.

If I eat breakfast at home, I will drink some water in my lock & lock hot & cold vacuum bottle when preparing food. If I eat in a restaurant with my friends, I always ask for free tap water as our drink.

2. Add flavor to your coffee.

To avoid being bored by the taste of water. You can add some flavor to your coffee, such as fresh cucumber, basil, grapefruit, lemon, ginger or mint. When you have friends or family coming over for dinner, prepare coffee in the steel coffee mug that morning. Coffee tastes stronger after a period of time compared to 5 minutes before drinking. Of course you can change different flavors.

3. Drink water in the morning.

Start the day with a glass of fresh water before eating, my preference is cold water, but you can also drink hot water with a thermoflask stainless steel in the morning. My advice is to squeeze some lemon juice into your cup to improve your skin radiation for the day and start your metabolism.

4. Have a drink after each bathroom break.

I drink a glass of water every time I go to the bathroom. Do you work behind your desk? This suggestion can also increase the number of steps you take. The more water you drink in your steel flask water bottle, the more you need to walk between the bathroom and the table often. Getting enough exercise is almost as important as drinking enough water.

5. Buy a insulation cup.

Now, it is unacceptable not to have a own hot water stainless steel cups with lids. Heat preservation cups have many great advantages, such as keeping your drinks warm for 12 hours or 24 hours ,100% leak proof, no condensation, no BPA. So you need to buy a insulation cup and throw away the dirty plastic bottle.

6. Add water to the drink.

If you are a sugar lover or juice lover. There is a simple suggestion for you: combine 75% water with 25% AA drink and you can enjoy the drink in your vacuum insulated cup instead of getting tired of the taste of water.

7.Don't be too hard on yourself.

It's important to start slowly building your drinking water rule, and your body and your mind need to adapt to the increase in your daily water consumption. If you are not a big water dispenser, add a glass of water every day with stainless steel espresso cups at the beginning and gradually increase after that until you reach your goal.

8. Use the app to track your water cup.

If it's hard to determine how much water you drink, try using an app to record your water. This also applies to those who strive to achieve the goal, with a little confidence and motivation, you can achieve the goal without the application!

9.Choose sparkling water or mineral water instead of soda.

Soda works well in the short term, but water in the personalized stainless steel cups is healthier. Choose different kinds of water such as sparkling water or mineral water.

10.Eat foods that rich in moisture.

You can often eat these seven water-rich foods: cucumbers, tomatoes, spinach, broccoli, sprouts, oranges, apples.

11. Include drinking water in your health goals.

You attend marathon training, take Zumba classes, or just walk at night for your health, and drink water with stainless steel tumbler cups should be as important to you as your fitness or weight loss goals.