Mar . 202024

Hydrate — A Way to Reduce Depression

Water is the most abundant substance in the human body, which accounts for 65% ~ 70%. Water is the source of life for the human body, transporting nutrients to every cell of the body and exporting wastes to the lungs and kidneys for excretion. Water is the most important element in the body's chemistry, digestion and metabolism. It can be said that the importance of water to the human body is self-evident.

However, if you don't drink enough water, your body will have some problems. Even mild dehydration is enough to cause fatigue, inattention and headaches, and affect emotional and mental health. Dehydration makes people more likely to experience negative emotions such as anger, anxiety and even depression.

Many people wake up in a state of hunger, thirst and even dehydration. This is why, even after enough sleep, the body's first reaction when it wakes up is lethargy. At the same time, the concentration of toxic substances in the blood increases due to a long period of lack of water intake, which increases the burden on the kidneys.

Therefore, we must drink enough water every day. As one of the necessities of life, there are various styles of water bottles, such as the vaccum water bottles ,the metal water bottle, the water bottle with filter and so on. When buying a kettle, people generally consider a variety of factors. Here are some kettles for you.

In the shop, we can see the foldable water bottle, a great outdoor water bottle, can be reused, and can be folded and placed in a pocket or bag when finished. We know that the main benefit of drinking through a straw is that you don't choke on it. Straws are usually thin, and when used in the diet, they limit the speed of drinking water and do not cause large amounts of fluid to remain in the mouth, thus avoiding the risk of choking. Considering that, you can choose the water bottle with straw.

In addition, merchants pay more attention to the differentiation of products in the process of competition. In order to meet people's needs, the water bottle suppliers have launched the water bottle custom.

People can customize their own water bottles according to their preferences. Therefore, we can see lots of unique water bottles. Happily, in order to protect the environment, we can also buy eco-friendly water bottles.

When we talk about drinking water, we don't mean taking a sip or drinking several times an hour. It's about gulping down so much water, even in one gulp, that your body's water content rises instantly However, people with hypertension and renal dysfunction should pay special attention to the amount of water they drink.

We recommend that people should drink water before breakfast. Boiling water naturally cooled to 30℃~35℃, we generally feel comfortable. Compared with cold boiled water, warm boiled water is close to the body temperature and is easily absorbed by the body.

Dehydration can lead to premature wrinkles and dry skin. Drinking more water causes your body to release more toxins, which will make your skin smoother. Drinking water in the morning can replenish water for the body, so that water molecules can be quickly transported to the whole body, which is conducive to circulation and helps the skin to expel toxins from the body, so as to achieve the purpose of nourishing the skin.

Drinking water on empty stomach helps to flush and balance the lymphatic system and enhance the body's immune level. A strong immune system will protect you from all kinds of diseases.